Friday, October 28, 2011


My goal is to achieve a single subject credential in English.  For this week’s blog, I chose an article that related to that goal.  I selected the article, Wallwisher: A Geeky Teacher’s Dream Tool by Keith Ferrell.  In the article, Ferrell discusses how he used Wallwisher in his fourth and fifth grade classrooms.  In his fourth grade class, his students were learning about deserts.  Rather than have them write a text document listing off facts about different deserts and climate conditions, he set up a Wallwisher where the students could each post a fact and collaborate as class.  Ferrell repeated this set up with his fifth grade class except with writing tips and vocabulary.

This article originally piqued my curiosity because I had found the same site while constructing my graphic organizer.  The implications for this web tool are almost limitless.  Wallwisher can be used to create collaborations between students and other classes as well.  It can be used for writing tips, vocabulary lessons, group projects, and discussions boards.  I think that this web tool is an essential tool that can be used in almost any classroom and can be easily tailored to fit any subject. 

Ferrell, K. (2011, May). Wallwisher: A Geeky Teacher's Dream Tool. Retrieved October 25, 2011, from ISTE - International Society for Technology in Education:


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  2. Megan,
    I like that there is a different way that students of any grade, age and subject can collaborate on projects and topics that have been discussed other then by doing them limited to the classroom. I think that if they can do that once again they will be more willing to open up about how they feel on the topic. This is another great way to get students involved in their learning and make it relevant to today's world.


  3. Megan,
    I believe the Wallwisher is an ideal tool to be used in the classroom. I think this allows children to express their thoughts and understanding within a subject if a teacher were to create a Wallwisher. I like that all kids are able to use this in different types of settings and subjects. I believe a tool like this will enhance and improve participation and creativity among students.